Heather is a fairy who is madly in love with a human named Naya.



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Matt McGorry is treasure #science

Still a legend


Santana’s Yearbook. Who cares about everyone else.






Kristen Stewart is having none of your gendered bull shit

kristen is an actual kickass feminist who speaks up aaaall the time and gets so little credit for it

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"I like challenging myself, and nothing feels better than setting goals and then accomplishing them.
I just want to learn everything, and have fun doing it.”


Let’s play a game called “I’m totally joking, but would do that in a heartbeat if you were into it”


do you ever have a conversation and think “I am not heterosexual enough for this”



VOTE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


carmen carrera keeping it 1000% real as always

My problem with J-Lo’s video “Booty” That I didn’t have with “Anaconda”


So, J-Lo and Iggy Azalea just released a new video called “Booty” You can imagine what it was about. And I had a problem with it. 

Now Maddy, Why would you have a problem with “Booty” If you didn’t have one with “Anaconda”? I will tell you. 

In Anaconda, Nicki Minaj raps about choosing the men she spends her time with. How she is in control of her body and no one can take that away from her. She is showing off her assets because they are HERS and no one else’s. She is in control of her (hypothetical) sex life. At the end of the video she illustrates this by slapping Drake’s hand away when he tries to touch her. She is empowering other women to do the same. Show off your body if you want, be proud of what you have, but don’t let anyone do anything that you don’t want them to. 

"Booty" On the other hand is all about using your assets to please a man (Not to mention it’s extremely heteronormative) With lines like:

All the sexy girls in the party
Go and grab a man, bring him to the dance floor
Go on let them jeans touch you while you’re dancing
It’s his birthday, give him what he ask for”

It’s about being sexy solely to be objectified by others. It’s basically saying “You’re so sexy, these guys can’t help it, just give them what they want.” Which, in my opinion, enforces rape culture, and by extension, victim blaming. 

That is my issue, rant over.